YoUng LoVe

Pinterest Bubbly affectionate warm feelingAdventurous successful sneakingHolding hands, glistening eyesWearing smile, the young hearts hide Two souls under the watchful starry skyMoon lamp making the silhouettes shineSoft grass forming their comfortable bedCounting stars whispering promising designs Aura of this blossoming lovePrecious like a Kohinoor diamondFlying freely on wings of trustPeace engulfs every eye, watching byKritika… Continue reading YoUng LoVe

Now is difficult

Easy was when I was littleNo hurriesNo worries The world was lightBooks and delightsOutdoor gamesAnimated moviesFelt just Right Breaking utensilsFighting with siblingsColourful scribblingChocolate favourite filling Inquisitiveness attachedMusic for danceCreativity the only genreEating earth was honor No colour differenceNo religious inferenceNo judgemental viewsNo assumptive clues Honestly honestSurroundings are no bestNow is difficultUnderstanding communities and cults ©Kritika Hope you enjoyed… Continue reading Now is difficult

Grandmas Doing Push Ups

Age is an excuseTo get rid of all the cluesNot to solve any health puzzleIn the ears, the oldies put nozzles 50 year olds don't careFitness techniques for them is a dareExcuses which seem not fairBody pains they are ready to share Pretending to be doing yoga posesWorking together on poking others nosesChoosing friends for… Continue reading Grandmas Doing Push Ups