Writers Remind

Search for a differencein thoughts reflected by words written in statementsby writerswho experiencedwho analysed the worldwhere humanslive lifein lovein hatein every emotionthey develop writers remindhumansbetween the linesread and perceivethe true meaninghidden in wordsstatements depictingcore values to beinculcatedby you by us ¬©Kritika Hope you liked the thought. ūüôā

The ‘Lost’ Pen- Now called ‘Found’

The lost penMet a writer with¬†unheard voiceDescribing¬†Natures issuesBeautifully he writes The lost penKnew¬†what rank he wasAnd his life was a¬†total chaosTo it,¬†he was a different class The lost penEnjoyed his writing spacePapers littered everywhereHe seemed not cared The lost penFound the owner of his choiceFeeling the warmth of his fingersIt glides like a gazelle The… Continue reading The ‘Lost’ Pen- Now called ‘Found’

Calmness Fuel

turned aggressive as I felt tamed by the people aroundwho should not be blamed it is my call how I perceiveit is my wish if I want to be deceived experienced enough to understand others intentionsfully grown to ponder and conclude with my own observations this world is emphatically cruelcalmness, my yoga gift, should be my fuel overpowering this… Continue reading Calmness Fuel