mY cUp oF CoffEE

Google Images: SuccessDigest My Cup of Coffee: ' Relax. With every sip try aligning your thoughts in a presentable manner'Me: 'So you can talk?'My Cup of Coffee: 'Yes. Well, you have to be a good listener for it.'Me: 'All ears.'My Cup of Coffee: 'Funny. How are you listening to me now?'Me: 'It is my imagination… Continue reading mY cUp oF CoffEE

Beauty, No Beast

Google Images the ink on the nibtreated my torn heartfilled pages with afflicting wordsfixing fissures which caused harm ranting in metaphorsthe outrage I wished to causesmearing blank pages with redlike his blood on the marble floor alas this beauty mistaken to be a beastis a self made figure of nobilityafraid be you, as her sword… Continue reading Beauty, No Beast

Writers Remind

Search for a differencein thoughts reflected by words written in statementsby writerswho experiencedwho analysed the worldwhere humanslive lifein lovein hatein every emotionthey develop writers remindhumansbetween the linesread and perceivethe true meaninghidden in wordsstatements depictingcore values to beinculcatedby you by us ┬ęKritika Hope you liked the thought. ­čÖé