Focus on chocolate bite

I pick my pen to writeJust not about hate love this timeAs I am no judge of his behaviourTo blame him is only hurting self dear Leave his memories behindThey were good timesThis is what I try to acceptFree will is the basic concept I know I was in good handsMight land with better oneBut… Continue reading Focus on chocolate bite

Wind wrestling Mind

let the eyes meet the windunresponding mind will get a hintto where has it lost its glintnon awake like a flint    there is no pride in acting dumbstop making the body feel numbto the mocking wind do not succumbanswer, wind is hurting the ear drums forcefully will awaken the eyesmagically will shake the lids to riseminds rigid nature will not sufficewind… Continue reading Wind wrestling Mind

Express Yourself

Words flowout easily but the ears listening them, react accordingly. This happens in relationships. You can easily speak your heart out without thinking about the person listening them. And they move away because you crashed their hearts not knowing that you spoke to them because you wanted to know their thoughts with a warm hug.… Continue reading Express Yourself