Furious She

Illustration by Kritika the blue ink will spillher hands untied will writeshe will not let it gountil she empties herself from inside @ Kritika Stitching her mouth would not sew the thoughts inside the fissures, deliberatelycreated by this proud society in the form of her beloveds whom she once admired with respect.

Sleep Solution

Photo by Craig Adderley on Pexels.com I think I should sleepunable to sow the seedswhich to my satisfaction will reap. Will see if the morningcan bestow some lightanswering the questionof why am I unable to properly write. @ Kritika I wrote this on 2nd January 2020, a day after I took the resolution of writing… Continue reading Sleep Solution


istockphoto.com Unburden Heart is never involved. Its your mind which does the thinking. Heart follows. Follows the mind with sincerity. The truth, the mind always perceives. From the behaviour of the other being. Why? What? Questions with its answers which are known to both. Its the experience which answers the questions meddling inside the head.… Continue reading Unburden