Empty Inside Out

I am feeling a lot weirdeither I dont know meobviously I dont know the worldits so empty inside and outno one I blamebut I never understood the crowd moving out just to meet the massall I like is the green grasswalking barefoot on empty side walkI feel to watch more and no talka question of […]

Express Yourself

Words flowout easily but the ears listening them, react accordingly. This happens in relationships. You can easily speak your heart out without thinking about the person listening them. And they move away because you crashed their hearts not knowing that you spoke to them because you wanted to know their thoughts with a warm hug. […]

The Day I Had My Glasses On

In the fifth gradeI was afraidwas told to waitoutside Ophthalmologist’s gate A lady in white coatmy stomach started to bloattracing her steps towards memy eyes yearned to be free Before meeting herthe eyes were introduced to an artificial waterAfter twenty minutesthe Doctor will act as their slaughter Hesitantly I held herfriendly handTouching the sameI felt […]