Thoughtful Writing

Cannot wait more to share with you all something unique. I am afraid I have forgotten the art of writing this well now. The starting posts of this blog are amazing and have a raw touch which I try to frame in a different manner now. Click the line mentioned below: 'I tried to write'… Continue reading Thoughtful Writing

Unburden Unburden Heart is never involved. Its your mind which does the thinking. Heart follows. Follows the mind with sincerity. The truth, the mind always perceives. From the behaviour of the other being. Why? What? Questions with its answers which are known to both. Its the experience which answers the questions meddling inside the head.… Continue reading Unburden

Empty Inside Out

I am feeling a lot weirdeither I dont know meobviously I dont know the worldits so empty inside and outno one I blamebut I never understood the crowdmoving out just to meet the massall I like is the green grasswalking barefoot on empty side walkI feel to watch more and no talka question of my… Continue reading Empty Inside Out