Notification Effect

Google Images HER I bit my lower lip as I looked at my phone. Engulfed in work, I had not thought about him since I woke up. But now, I could inhale his manly aroma slowly filling my insides, intoxicating me to think more of how he teased me, seduced me to drop every cloth… Continue reading Notification Effect

Stitching Time by Rhyme

broke the rhythm divine was my love writing at the utmost speed gave me pleasure with a different feel time with situation changed my course of action material love overcame now I am in shame difficult to hold my only pen sitting in my created den all tools kept at the same place its just… Continue reading Stitching Time by Rhyme

Puberty hits Few

Found a day jobPeople working as slobConventional methodsA big NO for computer studs Convenience led me to say YESRepercussions of orthodox thoughts is a messOnly few hit pubertyOthers eventually become shirty In this progressive worldFinding people dismantled and curledWe are not 5 but grown upsHaving faced many twists and turns Peacefully listening to all the… Continue reading Puberty hits Few