Not A Day

Google Images don't want to miss a daynot writing about what I have to saydedicating hours where thoughts and words playthe naughty mind forms a creative foreplaythe obeying hands cheerfully works on there display @ Kritika This year dedicatedly will not miss a single day when I don't write a poem or a prose. Be… Continue reading Not A Day

Unburden Unburden Heart is never involved. Its your mind which does the thinking. Heart follows. Follows the mind with sincerity. The truth, the mind always perceives. From the behaviour of the other being. Why? What? Questions with its answers which are known to both. Its the experience which answers the questions meddling inside the head.… Continue reading Unburden

A Female Thief

“Mr. Rich has not left the bookstore since last two nights. What do you think is he up to? The curiosity is killing me. Wonder what the problem is. Has his wife kicked him out of home?” Mr. Pen said to Mr. Pencil who was relaxing inside a beautifully carved wooden pen stand. Mr. Pencil… Continue reading A Female Thief