Why do not my words reach to you? Actions have been depicting the same for a long time. Still I ponder on the why of miscommunication. Every time I try to react to the irrational questions, I feel like I should adopt silence. It is empty inside. The dark place is numb. Only the songContinue reading “Numb”

Angry Me (Re-Post)

If I was angry, your kiss would have solved the purpose. If I was angry, your hug would have calmed me. If I was angry, you could have shared a chocolate. If I was angry, you could have hold my hand. If I was angry, you could have made me to smile with your jokes.Continue reading “Angry Me (Re-Post)”

Actual You (Re-Post)

The nights are heavy, I know. A sudden attack of loneliness. A need to intertwine with another physical being. Longing… The mornings are light. Burden of loneliness vanishes. You are your true self. Bright as the sun, fresh as the flowers. This is the actual ‘You’. Fuck off* the heavy nights. And focus on sleepingContinue reading “Actual You (Re-Post)”