Empty Inside Out

I am feeling a lot weirdeither I dont know meobviously I dont know the worldits so empty inside and outno one I blamebut I never understood the crowdmoving out just to meet the massall I like is the green grasswalking barefoot on empty side walkI feel to watch more and no talka question of my… Continue reading Empty Inside Out

Rusty Sports Car

Under the plastic shadeDepressed old age speaksThe once shiny skin is now dullYoung memories appear once asleep Masculine seducing bodyHardly left untouched by any womanSporty genre was honourPhotographs with awards in journals Talks about the ferocious speedEverywhere my victory applaudedBrands waiting for meetingsPassion for work rewarded Now the gear box is rustyInside and outside is dustyFour legs have lost their speedStory of… Continue reading Rusty Sports Car

I thought I would find someone

I thought I would find someone to love meSomeone to adore and accept my mistakesSomeone who does never judges me Someone who holds me tight to erase the bad thoughts I have in mind Someone who rides besides me teaching what is the proper waySomeone who corrects my bad sideSomeone who encourages me to perform my bestSomeone who is trustworthy and honest… Continue reading I thought I would find someone