Baby Winter

the baby winter peeks with miracles
of mists and snow while the autumn unfolds
hugging the paths with its warmth
leaves of passionate colours spread
on which the lovers sing and dance
and the baby winter throws a snow ball
for them to play and rekindle their childhood
the thread tying them becoming strong



Fever 102°

Consumed by 102° fever
Weakness demands freedom
Confined to the bed
Winnie the pooh embodied

Cruel game of weather
Acting as the body shredder
Let go of me you devil
Watch me become evil

Cold and cough are time bound
As the weather changes they are around
Three days rest and they bid farewell
But fever makes you feel ‘definitely in hell’

Feeling like a sloth
I need a good run with long walk
Writing and blog are in jeopardy
Happily writing this sad parody


Hope you enjoyed this not so well poem. I have not been well since last two weeks. Sorry for not been around much. Trying to go through the works of my fellow writers lately. Definitely will come out of this hell soon.

Note from the Author
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Pain to Gain

Legs were in pain
My need for a Run to gain
A core so tight and stiff
Strength being my motive

Stepping out in an awesome weather
The insights kindle like a feather

Flowing with the wind
I start with a sprint
Body moving like it was craving
With all the energy it was saving

Feeling gay and bright
Running with good speed in the night
Fit and healthier the body feels
The more I push, the more my insights respond in zeal

‘Just do it’ my Nikes yelled
I am free not compelled
A loud shout from the brain said,’ Stop’
Happy me finally took a hop.

This hunger will not fade away
It is like this every day.

 Thank you for reading. Hope you liked it.

Photograph credit to Kritika 🙂