splash some cold water on faceneed the senses to be awake the engulfed dullness needs a rude slapnever ever fall for such depressing traps pricey time will fade your passionenough of your drama, time for action suit up and rekindle your existencenobody but you are responsible for your absence let go to move on and […]

Beautiful Art

sipping a cup of teawhile gazing the vast oceanadmiring the shades of blueas the waves are in motion felt the shifting heartconsuming the smell of peacelife is a beautiful artnature is hope, keeping us at ease deeply inhaling the cold breezereturned the empty cup of teano thoughts can conquer this peaceuntil next time, eyes set […]

Other side of Nature

I challenged nature today. Heavy rains, flooded roads. I was scared, shivering, on my two wheeler while coming back from office from a different (dry) area of the city. Reaching home was not easy. Experienced the other side of nature, the side which I had only watched on TV. Read more… @ Kritika