Pinterest Pouncing on the moistness of my tongue with the sound of the clashing teeth reverberating down my manhood, sending shivers, which was in her hands. The supple body pressed on mine, melting like hot chocolate with the wildness of the kisses, captivating my mind to be her submissive. Desperate in returning the favour of… Continue reading Midnight

Vampire Gentleman

Pinterest Image built up naked thighs played the naughty gamethe woman turned sensualhypnotising the handsome face ransom she did not cared forwitch wanted to drink his bloodcoercing him to fall for herfailed every time she spelled the curse endearing smile he carriedmany had bought him coffeeintimidating looks ignited tantrumsthe failed ladies later chewed bubblegums none… Continue reading Vampire Gentleman

A Vampire Movie

AUDIENCE WATCHING MORTAL IMMORTAL ROMANCE Vampire movies are attractionMortal Immortal love, a fantastic situationAudience applauding on this romantic relation Ancient stories of the vampires goes side by sideThe good and the bad vampires always fightThis background of the story gives the audience an insight Disturbance created by the mortals introduction Beautiful tale and a nice… Continue reading A Vampire Movie