Stupid Curiosity- A Poetical Journey’s End (Re-Post)

the conspiratorial ocean conjuredtwo souls meant to be one, luredkissed under the beautiful lit skyapproaching an island, sighing Dry feet submerged in wet sand with sun ablazehat and sunglasses on, confronting the beautiful phaseonly in dreams, confessed to the sailor, I sawhappy I accepted this opportunity no second thought came to forgo a densely populatedContinue reading “Stupid Curiosity- A Poetical Journey’s End (Re-Post)”

StiLl aLivE ?

Still Alive ? under the spell of silencestars I see glistening brighthope, is it still alive?mine is flickering like the tube light butterflies of paper I craftedeasily they seem to falllove that I poured in creatingthe adhesive did not fit at all the fairies I pasted on the chosen wallceased to brighten the nightsthat timeContinue reading “StiLl aLivE ?”

Shaking hands with Sun Rays- A poetical journey (Re-Post)

The handsome sailor of a simple boatuplifted my excitement with the scopeof touching the setting sun traveling through the beautiful ocean his playful but honest eyes a strong trust developed insidedon’t want to be too precisethis is the simultaneous romantic side instructions about the essentials filling of the form with all the credentialsto buy listContinue reading “Shaking hands with Sun Rays- A poetical journey (Re-Post)”