Chatting with Past

Chatting with pastPresent moving fastDeciding about the futureWhile straightening my posture. I am not ashamedAt least feeling not framedFeelings once I heldSeem to have diminished and clearly dealt. Roads of the heart are now emptyFor the one I am waiting for shall be my bountyLove in loads reside insideIce like sculpture from outside ┬ęKritika

Time to Wake Up

The road is longMy patience is not strongTime is the never stopping riverMy management of it is a terror Keenly I observeMy ways to serveThis gun is heavyMy hand on the trigger seem shaky What is all this going on?Am I devising a comfortable zone?Enough learning I possessTo reckon I am creating a mess Actuate the triggerTheContinue reading “Time to Wake Up”