Distant from own

lost and composed in my bed
physically unwilling to stretch and shred
pondering to solve my own puzzle
finding the missing pieces to complete this mental hustle

normal for me will never be a choice
choosing paths by the help of inner voice
nurturing self assuming everything is good
life, is it the way it should?

preferences change with time
situation acts like the partner in crime
what next is in the planner to flow with the past in rhyme
battling with self to find out what will make me to shine and chime



A cup of coffee with the past

Past longed to meet
My consent,for him, was a treat

Knowing now nothing exists
The feelings never persist

Time has stitched this heart
Now I too play smart

Negative has replaced with positive
Overtime have become more attractive

My love for me has increased
Lets just have a cup of coffee, please.


Thank you for reading. Hope you liked it.

Time to Wake Up

The road is long
My patience is not strong
Time is the never stopping river
My management of it is a terror

Keenly I observe
My ways to serve
This gun is heavy
My hand on the trigger seem shaky

What is all this going on?
Am I devising a comfortable zone?
Enough learning I possess
To reckon I am creating a mess

Actuate the trigger
The mind commands
Lethargic nature
Is not in demands.

If this is the way
You will work
Don’t you think,
You will loose the perk.

‘Wake Up’
The time is Now
To sow some seeds
Fruitful in future for you to say wow.


Thank you. Hope you liked the thought.