‘Please Tea’ said Me

Me: “Stay for some more minutes before parting away. My love for you is till the last drop…”Tea: Oh, poetess. I enjoy being your muse but I cannot stay. As you are aware. Me: “Why? Why do you leave me sooner than my thought?”Tea: Because I am happening till the time I am hot. AndContinue reading “‘Please Tea’ said Me”

Stupid Curiosity- A Poetical Journey’s End (Re-Post)

the conspiratorial ocean conjuredtwo souls meant to be one, luredkissed under the beautiful lit skyapproaching an island, sighing Dry feet submerged in wet sand with sun ablazehat and sunglasses on, confronting the beautiful phaseonly in dreams, confessed to the sailor, I sawhappy I accepted this opportunity no second thought came to forgo a densely populatedContinue reading “Stupid Curiosity- A Poetical Journey’s End (Re-Post)”

Bon Voyage Mademoiselle- A Poetical Journey (2) (Re-Post)

adventure began at full throttlesailor was carrying some wine bottleswater sickness can be a set backwine would bring the mind on track the muscular body was distractionrising sun should be given attentionrays forming a huge umbrella for the oceanprotecting the water animals with feelings and emotions drinking the wine we both talkedabout life on waterContinue reading “Bon Voyage Mademoiselle- A Poetical Journey (2) (Re-Post)”