Selfless- Quote

No face is a fool. We are born to learn, to acquire skills, to develop ourselves, selflessly. Not to talk to people who think of us to be fools but to the ones who have explored their answer to a thought and help you discover your own. Kritika Flower Illustration: Google Images

Productive Night

A productive time pass yesterday night where I picked my pencil and diary to write these few words. Google Images present turned to pastin no time I could write nothingto call as rhyme an hour passed byto accomplish this crime I do not thinkI can even call it mine guilty, for this plagiarismcan attract a… Continue reading Productive Night

Zero Vote

one line I wrote on a sticky notegiving it zero votethrew it like a stone did the samethrew another againhave I gone insane?feeling ashamed nothing to writeirritated not rightmood is not brightbad thoughts held tight scornful commentsquestions as presentsirritation people ventI strongly resent in search for peacewant mental self at easeto not form into a… Continue reading Zero Vote