HIM There has not been a single day where I have not missed discovering her nakedness in different ways. Enticing me creatively to touch her, play with her, submit to her desires. Recalling the aroma of her perspiring body after the home yoga session, salt dripping from the sides of her bosom to her toned… Continue reading Texting

Where did he go?

Few texts teased mePrompted me to believeWords sounded trueBeginning of a meaningful spree Conversation flowingComfortable feelingCalmly enjoyingCareless comprehending Giving the heart and soulTalking late nights and day wholeSuch madness perceivedOpenly I was deceived Happiness eludedIn no time I was secludedVanished into thin airThe persons existence was a dare Scrolling the conversation Was I wrong in delivering information?Asked how… Continue reading Where did he go?

Blind Heart

abusive wordsdid they not hurt?I felt the painwriting the same troublesome heartwhen will we startmeeting postponedonly you provokedthis blind heartto believeinsanelyin wordsyour words still it hopesto meet I realisedmy apologiesin a text explainingwhy'when I stoodwhere once you did'I realised heart puffedrolled with loveyou asked me outonce again starry eyesheart beating twiceyou still wanted to meet?its… Continue reading Blind Heart