Diary or Tech

Photo by JESHOOTS.com on Pexels.com Numerous lines for a thoughtcomes and goesTo not forget the threadI write on my mobile or diarywhatever is close continuing on the same device stitching heavy wordscreating a badass rhymesometimes diary fulfills the goalsometimes tech produces the sublime @ Kritika This is ME. I go by both. What about you?… Continue reading Diary or Tech


HIM There has not been a single day where I have not missed discovering her nakedness in different ways. Enticing me creatively to touch her, play with her, submit to her desires. Recalling the aroma of her perspiring body after the home yoga session, salt dripping from the sides of her bosom to her toned… Continue reading Texting

Notification Effect

Google Images HER I bit my lower lip as I looked at my phone. Engulfed in work, I had not thought about him since I woke up. But now, I could inhale his manly aroma slowly filling my insides, intoxicating me to think more of how he teased me, seduced me to drop every cloth… Continue reading Notification Effect