Not Secretive

Attended a birthday party yesterday, I noticed a change in me. I accepted and did not questioned self for the reason of my avoiding and ignoring some people. And this morning, look what I found from my old posts. Click read more to read more 🙂 'I don't talk muchIt has become my naturePeople think… Continue reading Not Secretive

Empty Inside Out

I am feeling a lot weirdeither I dont know meobviously I dont know the worldits so empty inside and outno one I blamebut I never understood the crowdmoving out just to meet the massall I like is the green grasswalking barefoot on empty side walkI feel to watch more and no talka question of my… Continue reading Empty Inside Out

Talking Shadow

praising the curves of my own shadowa crucial matter struck my mindan urge to solve by self talkingaround midnight i gave me time to the shadow i spoke freelywill you teach me how to comprehendthe faces i meet turn out to be fakethen i cry thinking it was my mistakethen again i meet the same… Continue reading Talking Shadow