wiLl yOu tRy?

https://geographical.co.uk/nature/climate/item/3296-sun-block Will You Try? Dear Sun, Drowning is my preferenceHeart palpitates in painFacing you to soak your lightLet me bath in you to be saneSurrounding is muzzling my effortsPlaying mentally to suffocateThe breath of freshness is desiredYour energy is a better mateQueries unsolved have dissolvedIn the ocean of tears now dryA piece of peace I… Continue reading wiLl yOu tRy?

wiLl tHe lImbS be WroNg?

https://beautiful-basque-country.tumblr.com/post/108995930662/lazy-summer-afternoon-in-opakua Will the limbs be wrong? will the limbs be wrong to embrace the drowsy weather? the once cool winds have met the heat of the blazing Sun, announcing the rein over its kingdom. calmly accepted by the trees, the flowers bathing to shine, some are drying in the wait to meet the rains and… Continue reading wiLl tHe lImbS be WroNg?

Hooked to Children’s Books

Dawning sun twinkledas it touched the seaThere is somethingI  thoughtfar away, the mind agreed Naughty twinklelike my nieces eyesMagnetic naturesimilar to a Childs vibe Mother called me from behindits getting dark will not be reaching on time After dinnerI hugged my pillowConsumed in the thoughtsof that twinkle An island of spiritsoccupying the whole forestsShowering flowersEntering the mystical lands   Spirits of all colours Flying… Continue reading Hooked to Children’s Books