LasSitUde Lassitude Lassitude is my attitudeWithdrawing from vibrancyMerriment packed in airInterruptions are no decency Uncovering unread booksBed is the best stationTurning both body and pageWhile the pillow does the narration Sleep engulfs us all in sometimeBook in hand yawns as IWe both bid each other good nightTomorrow, same time, you and I byKritika Note from… Continue reading LasSitUde

wiLl tHe lImbS be WroNg? Will the limbs be wrong? will the limbs be wrong to embrace the drowsy weather? the once cool winds have met the heat of the blazing Sun, announcing the rein over its kingdom. calmly accepted by the trees, the flowers bathing to shine, some are drying in the wait to meet the rains and… Continue reading wiLl tHe lImbS be WroNg?

Rain Train

Dancing in the rainswith closed eyesno stars, no moonlightjust the water dropping from abovemy heart floating in LOVE Conversing with the rainsnever to stop this¬†trainof water which brings smileandthis hopeful¬†heart forgetsall sorrows which seem prime. Summers have alreadysucked the positive energybringing in negative vibesandincreased stomach sensitivity. Waited for you for so longDon't leaveStaybefore we need… Continue reading Rain Train