Other side of Nature

I challenged nature today. Heavy rains, flooded roads. I was scared, shivering, on my two wheeler while coming back from office from a different (dry) area of the city. Reaching home was not easy. Experienced the other side of nature, the side which I had only watched on TV. Read more... City floods and cars… Continue reading Other side of Nature

The Resilient Butterfly

a strong silencewas her answerfrustrated he tried harderto persuade herto believe himthe kiss which was hers was the sameas it is but her doubtshe did neverclearedto which shebrokeinto tearstime passedshe moved away successfully consumed silencehard to resistthe incident tore her cocoonwhich turned herinto a strongButterfly ┬ęKritika

Calmness Fuel

turned aggressive as I felt tamed by the people aroundwho should not be blamed it is my call how I perceiveit is my wish if I want to be deceived experienced enough to understand others intentionsfully grown to ponder and conclude with my own observations this world is emphatically cruelcalmness, my yoga gift, should be my fuel overpowering this… Continue reading Calmness Fuel