Angry Me (Re-Post)

If I was angry, your kiss would have solved the purpose.

If I was angry, your hug would have calmed me.

If I was angry, you could have shared a chocolate.

If I was angry, you could have hold my hand.

If I was angry, you could have made me to smile with your jokes.

You have nothing for me.

This is me alone thinking, what changed you.

Now I am tired.

Peace, please.


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Heart is never involved.

Its your mind which does the thinking.

Heart follows.

Follows the mind with sincerity.

The truth, the mind always perceives.

From the behaviour of the other being.

Why? What? Questions with its answers which are known to both.

Its the experience which answers the questions meddling inside the head.

Shredding the burden off the shoulders is the greatest victory one must achieve.

We are aware of the answers then why to burden ourselves with the fake beauty.


This was written in February 2019 when I started this blog. I admire these words of motivation.