this time it's the brainwhich is abandoning the soulteasing and torturing itclinging to a thought which never wants to go the tearing numbnessmaking the soul helplessbrain and its selfishnessstopping the soul from any kind of progress when will they coordinatewhole body needs to operatea pending mission to consummateurgently need them to cooperate unacceptable dumb behaviorexpressionless… Continue reading Warrior

Perplexed Vexation

damn these cheeks are hotforget not, this is what?do not know what shit to writeso chose face, is it alright?no foundation to concealrough look a tough veilbeauty not much of concernknowledge is an important termdoes body needs a tiring run?reminder for life: it is funchosing present overcoming pastwalk, run or jog but fastlifes moves are… Continue reading Perplexed Vexation

The Uplifting Soul

Wandering with tangled thoughtsTrying to declutter and sortMind reminds with a harsh snort'Start before the time falls short' Laziness or body requirement Weather or┬ábad environmentExcuses form like a tournamentSympathising with stupid predicaments Human mind plays 'the vamps' roleMoulding the body to achieve its goalClever is the calm soulAware about the minds dark hole Soothing words… Continue reading The Uplifting Soul