Furious She

Illustration by Kritika the blue ink will spillher hands untied will writeshe will not let it gountil she empties herself from inside @ Kritika Stitching her mouth would not sew the thoughts inside the fissures, deliberatelycreated by this proud society in the form of her beloveds whom she once admired with respect.

They and Her

charm of her facedisturbed many soulswhy is she happy?when life is difficult for us all 'spreading positivityfrom the outsideburied the hurdlescourageously inside' none knows the truth peeking and pokingfollowing her like sleuthignored they feel as carelessly she moves 'growing wings to flydreams are to reach the skysit on the moon and singbusy crafting her wings'… Continue reading They and Her

Wish Wings

davidsierra.org laden with the burden offered by lifehad already lost herself many a timesabandoned by the loved ones, she praisednever felt part of the childhood home insane disheveled heart reflected from her sad faceonly she new how miserable her life isbut a heart, she heard, can grow strong with every difficult phaseshe engulfed herself in… Continue reading Wish Wings