Now A Selfish Crown

you were let down
by the world who
didn’t gave you your crown

ranked always
amongst the average
no love was showered
by the beloveds
who praised others
of your age

broken and lost
you found depression
as your solution
living life to the fullest
never was your intention

compared, dejected
by your own beloveds
running away gradually
became the objective

searching for solace 
in every human being
acquiring and adapting
the knowledge of reading books
became your dream
writing about your life in a diary
your chosen way to scream

steadily the negatives were replaced with positives
self motivated and energetic
enlightened by the beauty of books
and writing
the two mediums you chose
for  depression fighting

now you shine
like the sun rise
you glow in the darkest night
your aura is highly attractive
at the first sight

amongst your own human crowd
you hold your head high and proud
selfishly taking care
of your own crown
looking at the surrounding humans
with a fervent frown.


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Look what you made me do

Don’t you see your face looks tired
Wrinkles under the eyes you have hired
Glow was the one you wanted fired?

Day by day your body looks dull
Dilapidating your physical presence to null
Drowning into self created mull

Society itself is under this pressure
Money, race, religion, sex, caste, creed are their target treasures
(The target points)
No human is living a life in pleasure. 


Hope you like the thought.🙂

Had to hold the gun

Was born a normal child.
In this world, wild.
Family seemed normal
Without any dismal.

Initiated the life with cries
Mother tired with all her tries
Father saw me from afar 
The others did not cared so far.

Grown watching the parents fighting
I saw my mother tearing
Hearing led me to hiding
Mentally I was suffering.

Society played the crucial part
My mother suffered with me in the cart
Anger surged as the years passed
Killing my father was my motive at last.

My anxieties turned into depression
Inflicted by pain and mental suppression
Borrowed a gun from the local gangster
I had turned into a sinister.

Had to hold the gun
But it was not for fun
I killed my father
The only disaster

Was born a beauty
Turned into a beast
Provoked by the society
Which considered me mentally sick in the least. 


Thank  you for reading. Hope you liked it. Comments required, very much indeed.


I don’t talk much

I don’t talk much

It has become my nature

People think of me to be secretive

The truth is I am sensitive

The world has treated me this way

Silence is the only option keeping me at bay

If this is wrong then I have nothing to say

Its your call to be sad or be gay

I don’t talk much

Keeping everybody intrigued

Why do they think I am mystique?

I am an open treasure

Happy inside with pleasure

I don’t talk much

I know.

People who understand me

Only they can see

The world wants my silence

But it does not want me silent

Dubious they are, not me

This is what they should think and plea.


Thank you for reading. Hope you liked it.