Google Images Roughly she spread some cardsfor the buyer to choose and pickhe did it because of a reasonhis life, he was not able to fix Life is making him to rub his shoes.Life is full of sufferings he did not choose.he wanted life to be easy and smooththe cards said he would have to… Continue reading Tooth-less

PoP Morning: Sunshine

Google Images Good Morning Guys,How are we doing? I am awesome with a morning PoP notification today, delighted. Rory from A Guy Called Bloke, tagged me to spread some positivity with the theme: Sunshine. Excited to share my part of the positivity but first would like to let you know about PoP. Take a break… Continue reading PoP Morning: Sunshine

Rain Train

Dancing in the rainswith closed eyesno stars, no moonlightjust the water dropping from abovemy heart floating in LOVE Conversing with the rainsnever to stop this¬†trainof water which brings smileandthis hopeful¬†heart forgetsall sorrows which seem prime. Summers have alreadysucked the positive energybringing in negative vibesandincreased stomach sensitivity. Waited for you for so longDon't leaveStaybefore we need… Continue reading Rain Train