Rain Train

Dancing in the rains
with closed eyes
no stars, no moonlight
just the water dropping from above
my heart floating in LOVE

Conversing with the rains
never to stop this train
of water which brings smile
this hopeful heart forgets
all sorrows which seem prime.

Summers have already
sucked the positive energy
bringing in negative vibes
increased stomach sensitivity.

Waited for you for so long
Don’t leave
before we need you to MOVE ON.


From Pinterest

Life and Stairs

my hand held tight
told to pick the right leg high
stamping the feet on the first stair
courageous smile on face appears

the left automatically off the ground
feeling of confidence and proud
unstable for few seconds i was
hand holding me managed me at last

its time to think about the next
will be better than the first assuring myself
optimism flowing inside this baby body
developing mental skills with a wish to be a boss cody

the life acts as the stairs
from the childhood to the old white hair
a push is always needed from the first
the next seems easy and hurdles become a thirst


Love Never Hurts

We read and like situational quotes.
The once related to being in or out of love.
Knowing that soothes our soul.
Gives a motivation to live on.

Why are we so much worried about it?
Hampering every single cell of our health.
Are not we tired of this mess inside this little head?
Love hurts. Heart breaks.
I am broken.

Love never hurts nor breaks you down.
If it is love, you will feel it deep down.
Patiently waiting for it would be better.
It is the way you should treat yourself and be clever.

Work for you and on you.
Love will come to you.
You would want it or not.
Will stay with you.
You would want it or not.
You know you own it.


Need a hand

Desperately need a hand
To hold tight
To push and elevate
And make me feel
I will always be your Right

Words to flow with meaning
So filled with love
That I too have the same feeling

Nights with valuable talk
Hand in hand we both walk
Discussing the pros and cons
Humming together our favourite songs

Missing this valuable part at times
Surviving with strength to ignore with sighs
I think it to be a dream now
With someone to fly high with me would be wow.

Writing about
The same old love and relationship stuff
For me it is enough
But life without Love is rough.

Thank you for reading. Hope you liked the thought.