Sleep Solution

Photo by Craig Adderley on I think I should sleepunable to sow the seedswhich to my satisfaction will reap. Will see if the morningcan bestow some lightanswering the questionof why am I unable to properly write. @ Kritika I wrote this on 2nd January 2020, a day after I took the resolution of writing… Continue reading Sleep Solution

At 4:01 AM a thought of switching On the lightat 4 am in the nightto sit uprightpick the diary and pencilto write arrived but within a minutethe same thought diedto winters, I told I am in no mood to fightso let me sleep tight at 4:01 am in the nightI hugged my pillowpulled the blanketand said good… Continue reading At 4:01 AM

Pillow Talk

Pinterest Image trying to get upbut my pillow wants a hugmorning birds chirpingpillow says, 'keep dreamingabout the birds you hearlet the time pass my dearyou know your needsthis week you have sowed your seedslet your body and mind restsay NO to all the upcoming guestsresults are always betterwhen you work like a go-getterjust lay for… Continue reading Pillow Talk