Wait, No Waste

Little changes in this one and I am satisfied. Posted earlier but the inner self did not agree it to be the way I want it. Hope you like the poem below.  The search in these eyes is the sameThe one in daydreams can freely claimAfter being done with the dishonesty gameHappy to say, I am not ashamed… Continue reading Wait, No Waste

Mesmerizing Dance

clouds dance around the moonon the musicfrankly unknown shining brightin the middlebeauty its pridethere is no riddle with moon to danceeach cloud waitschance by chancemoon appreciates looking at playful skyprovoking me to be highpouring romantic thoughtsmy smile is what it caught cool breeze drying lipssomeone be near to kisssultry eyes mesmerizeddeviated and little shied powerful… Continue reading Mesmerizing Dance