‘Please Tea’ said Me

Me: “Stay for some more minutes before parting away. My love for you is till the last drop…”Tea: Oh, poetess. I enjoy being your muse but I cannot stay. As you are aware. Me: “Why? Why do you leave me sooner than my thought?”Tea: Because I am happening till the time I am hot. AndContinue reading “‘Please Tea’ said Me”


Surprise The water splash was a tight slap to my unstoppable tears. While wiping my face, it slapped me again and soaked me completely in its coolness. The transition of the road to sea left me aghast. Rubbed my eyes thrice but it was still present. Nipped the upper arm to check the reality. ‘WhereContinue reading “suRprIse”

ThauMAturGy oF tIme

Drinking and soaking self in the rain when a voice called out my name. A bottle of whiskey in hand, I thought I left my cellphone in the pub so I turned around to see but found no figure was approaching me. Another thought of deliberately leaving that irritating object arrived which cancelled the formerContinue reading “ThauMAturGy oF tIme”