Look what you made me do

Don’t you see your face looks tired
Wrinkles under the eyes you have hired
Glow was the one you wanted fired?

Day by day your body looks dull
Dilapidating your physical presence to null
Drowning into self created mull

Society itself is under this pressure
Money, race, religion, sex, caste, creed are their target treasures
(The target points)
No human is living a life in pleasure. 


Hope you like the thought.🙂



A woman is the soul and essence of every relationship.

She knows the quantity of sugar or salt to be poured in any kind of dish.

She is the base composed of strength.

She is the beauty and the beast.

She is the creator and the destroyer.

Respect her.

Adore her.

Acknowledge her.

Compliment her.

Push her to grow.

She is Love.

Thank you for reading. Hope you liked it. Comments are welcome. Keep smiling. All the best.