Love: Short Term

Now she knew what Love is. Three months ago, silent voices of frustration echoed in her mind. The search for a permanent solution from past many years was still on. Long walks under the moon light continued giving her courage. But till when she should depend upon patience? A hope that things will be alright,… Continue reading Love: Short Term

Instinct Savoir

she developed hopeswhich he intentionally gave herprovoking her to make the same mistakehe again mindfully lured hermade her to believe on wordsmeaningful and profoundwhich again she consideredhe has actually foundhis impregnated false loveinside her only broken hearther acceptance had discoveredwhere LOVE (she thought) could never find a fresh start emotionally strong her instincts told her… Continue reading Instinct Savoir

Friend said,’ Communicate ‘

Disgracefully I let my soul to weepTo the distance created I could not speakLosing the only one I thought to be cleanMy healthy heart turned thinner and lean Wiping tears, bidding self good nightMorning started with the same fightScolding and screaming at the top of the voicesLosing control my mind thought of other choices Victimized eyes looked for courage quotes… Continue reading Friend said,’ Communicate ‘