Warm Water

The warmth of the waterloosens the tightly tied thoughtsslaking the thirst of the mind,a battle well fought. The thoughts conspiring against the body leaving it weak and sore  Balmy warm water acting as a satisfying paid whore. Professional and personal lifeone cannot disengageTime passes by pleasing otherswithout rageNo matter how hard you tryyou are no sage.… Read More Warm Water

Instinct Savoir

she developed hopeswhich he intentionally gave herprovoking her to make the same mistakehe again mindfully lured hermade her to believe on wordsmeaningful and profoundwhich again she consideredhe has actually foundhis impregnated false loveinside her only broken hearther acceptance had discoveredwhere LOVE (she thought) could never find a fresh start emotionally strong her instincts told her… Read More Instinct Savoir