Beauty, No Beast

Google Images the ink on the nibtreated my torn heartfilled pages with afflicting wordsfixing fissures which caused harm ranting in metaphorsthe outrage I wished to causesmearing blank pages with redlike his blood on the marble floor alas this beauty mistaken to be a beastis a self made figure of nobilityafraid be you, as her sword… Continue reading Beauty, No Beast

Show Off

Geometrical Colours by Kritika The best part of the month was showing off my creativity to the people living nearby with no form of jealousy attached, only appreciation. Diwali, the festival of light, which I enjoy only because of Rangoli (above&below) and the Diyas surrounding it to enhance its beauty. Is not it beautiful? Red, Yellow,… Continue reading Show Off

The rain drop and leaf- love story in poem

the beautiful leafunder the shadow of cloudsglistens when the sun shinesilluminates in the moon light longing to meet its lovercaring for self it nurturesself development mattersby self independence it flatters the cloud attracted by its beautycould not approach as it has its dutysignals the leaf by turning grey'your lover is on its way' leaf blushes… Continue reading The rain drop and leaf- love story in poem