Sleep Solution

Photo by Craig Adderley on I think I should sleepunable to sow the seedswhich to my satisfaction will reap. Will see if the morningcan bestow some lightanswering the questionof why am I unable to properly write. @ Kritika I wrote this on 2nd January 2020, a day after I took the resolution of writing… Continue reading Sleep Solution


Image: Pinterest I thought, love has an endwhich of course is marriagebut I am in love with a friendwho asks and seeks nothingJust listens to my breathsand heartbeats and kisses to dust away my stressI thought, love has an endand she is getting marriedbut my love for her is the sameI ask and seek for… Continue reading Connection

Now Conscious

Time helped me in clearing your silhouetteformed by the conscious mind in an unconscious statein the past ruining every possibility of falling in lovewith the concept of love, which now I admire consciouslywith full comprehension and satisfaction that in present and future I cannot be fooled by the intoxicating aura of a toxic person but… Continue reading Now Conscious