Wish Wings

davidsierra.org laden with the burden offered by lifehad already lost herself many a timesabandoned by the loved ones, she praisednever felt part of the childhood home insane disheveled heart reflected from her sad faceonly she new how miserable her life isbut a heart, she heard, can grow strong with every difficult phaseshe engulfed herself in… Continue reading Wish Wings

Your Marrow?

i see those cavernous eyesbig smile is what you wear to hidewalking with tall stature on empty roadsburderned by what, i want you to unloadwhisper me you need my handi will leave everything behind and standbeside you want to create a worldyou and me and animals in loveaesthetically we together will groweagerly wish to be… Continue reading Your Marrow?

Miss my fish, my only pet

Its the natural pain within me screaming and crying to drown in your company so blessed I felt around you so obessesed I was taking care of you your soul left your body numb my heart sank touching the bottom hope you would have find a comfortable place afterlife my tears are the answer as… Continue reading Miss my fish, my only pet