Diary or Tech

Photo by JESHOOTS.com on Pexels.com Numerous lines for a thoughtcomes and goesTo not forget the threadI write on my mobile or diarywhatever is close continuing on the same device stitching heavy wordscreating a badass rhymesometimes diary fulfills the goalsometimes tech produces the sublime @ Kritika This is ME. I go by both. What about you?… Continue reading Diary or Tech

A Sublime Connection

Pinterest the young desiresblossomed to the rimyour gaze held mineas you sipped your drink cheers to the hearts instantly they linkedwasting no further timeour attracted bodies synced danced on the tune of passionundressed the shivering with satisfactionmind triggered LOVE to be the captionthe playful eyes formed a sublime connection @ Kritika

Productive Night

A productive time pass yesterday night where I picked my pencil and diary to write these few words. Google Images present turned to pastin no time I could write nothingto call as rhyme an hour passed byto accomplish this crime I do not thinkI can even call it mine guilty, for this plagiarismcan attract a… Continue reading Productive Night