I tried to write

I tried to write Short and precise Same love and same stuff I see the same heart broken people with the same heart broken story Is this the only way to survive? Schooling, graduating, life experiences combined Have given us immense power to survive I accept love is important But unless we learn to love… Continue reading I tried to write

Just another man

I want to act as dumb I want to act as numb I cannot open myself in front of you I cannot be myself in front of you Who are you? Important in my life? No. Not at all. Then why? For what? I want to show you I am dumb. I want to show… Continue reading Just another man

Let Her Grow

I say prepare a girl to handle finances from the day she enters this cruel world of patriarchy. Money holds the power to supress. I know she will eventually be blamed and shamed but at least that blame and shame will be worth. Empowerment of a woman starts when she is born. A family more… Continue reading Let Her Grow