One could stay tuned…

I have seen people
die in love
never knew
one could wait to
one could stay tuned
dance in the rain
passionately waiting
be it a silent cry
sobs with no voice
but love stays

so pure
its intrinsic value is
hard to ignore
its features
courage and patience
delay in deliverance
loving someone is
loving your ownself

beautiful and commendable
the once who wait
with patience
enjoying its true self
encouraged enough
to know themselves
singing songs like
chirping birds
playing guitars
with music beating
like heart

its no waste
the uncertain nature
life carries
does has a meaning
a goal
love is no joke
in and out of it
gives life a meaning
a certainity
of your living
this wonderful life

Love it.
Life needs to be loved to find love.




I thought I would find someone

I thought I would find someone to love me
Someone to adore and accept my mistakes
Someone who judges me not by my past but my present
Someone who holds me tight to erase the bad thoughts I have in mind

Someone who rides besides me teaching what is the proper way
Someone who corrects my bad side
Someone who encourages me to perform my best
Someone who is trustworthy and honest

Someone who treats everyone with respect
Someone who helps me unveil my true self
Someone who opens a door when I find it to be closed
Someone who hugs me when I feel mundane

I don’t know if I ask for too much
These are not the only things I want in him as such
Deep down a little hope of finding him persists
Not sure even if such a person exists

I would give all what I got
To find the love which I have totally forgot
In daunt I have the want
To be besides this someone I hope I will find and mount.

There is no such person in existence
My mind is creating a deception
I need to rise alone
For my people and my own

I might feel bad today
But the new Sun will help me find a way
Accepting myself to be a warrior
Neglecting all thoughts which make me a worrier


Thank you for reading. Hope you liked the thought.

I tried to write

I tried to write

Short and precise

Same love and same stuff

I see the same heart broken people

with the same heart broken story

Is this the only way to survive?

Schooling, graduating, life experiences combined

Have given us immense power to survive

I accept love is important

But unless we learn to love ourselves

We would go through the same heart breaks. The same pain.

Tired I am.

Need to plan.

A vacation.

Full of enjoyment and goals.

Goals to set free

Goals to be me

Goals to find natural beauty

Goals to hug my ownself

Love is enough in the world

The presence is never appreciated

We have forgotten to understand each other

Our selfishness has overtaken.

This world is awesome

Live each moment

Do not be crowded

By the people so cruel

No life exists without love

It is the only virtue which is like a Dove

Pure and gentle

Selfishness might ruin its mantle

Forget the selfish part in life

Spread love. Spread it wide.

We need it

We seek it

We are alive on it

Thank you for reading. Hope you liked it.

Just another man

I want to act as dumb

I want to act as numb

I cannot open myself in front of you

I cannot be myself in front of you

Who are you?

Important in my life?

No. Not at all.

Then why? For what?

I want to show you I am dumb.

I want to show you I have nothing to say.

Its my wish what I make you understand about me.

You are not the person.

Who I agree to show me.

You are not the one.

Who holds a priority.

My face reflects my confidence.

If you have sense enough to understand.

You will know I am uninterested.

You are just another man.

Thank you for reading. Hope you liked it.🙂

Let Her Grow

I say prepare a girl to handle finances from the day she enters this cruel world of patriarchy. Money holds the power to supress. I know she will eventually be blamed and shamed but at least that blame and shame will be worth.

Empowerment of a woman starts when she is born. A family more supportive is all she wants. Giving her all the basic needs which are provided to a man. Letting her to outshine in her own ways. A hand to crawl and make her to learn to walk.

She is not to be left behind. She stands on the same earth, born in the same way, drinks the same water, eats the same food. What wrong has she done? Why is her birth a curse?

If she is black, she is punished. If she is brown, she is punished. She is taught to bow in respect, hold the tray to serve tea, wash clothes, do all the thinks with sincerity. Have we ever thought of asking her what she wants?

I tear up when I hear stories of rape, murder, dowry. Why wrong is she to you?

This is what makes her rough and strong. She yearns for love not animosity.

She gradually becomes an unbreakable glass. Thoughts need a lot change. Open mindedness does not mean wearing short clothes. It comes from what and how you think.

Thank you for reading. Hope you liked it.