The Melting

Pinterest down where I felt your breathcooling the rage out of methe beauty of your tingling touchserpentine moves weakening meglistening eyes speaking divinecrazily you put your hands on one moundsqueezing a groan out of my mouthmore of me wants more of us as houndstopographically tagging my melting spotsso want you to take me to the… Continue reading The Melting

Vampire Gentleman

Pinterest Image built up naked thighs played the naughty gamethe woman turned sensualhypnotising the handsome face ransom she did not cared forwitch wanted to drink his bloodcoercing him to fall for herfailed every time she spelled the curse endearing smile he carriedmany had bought him coffeeintimidating looks ignited tantrumsthe failed ladies later chewed bubblegums none… Continue reading Vampire Gentleman

Wait for the new music

Pinterest Image slowly would wake upkeeping aside the lazy pillowa sigh for another empty daywithout you it feels very low the paean of autumn leaveswhich your lips hummed turned to a drowned fantasyrustle no longer can be heard the camera of the winking starscaptured our togetherness in nightsworn-out, sympathetically they lookyour balmy calmness now out… Continue reading Wait for the new music