StrIdeNt tOne- 2 Strident Tone- 2 let us fightfor black or whitea beautiful sighthumankind feels lightunderstanding has no heightto what is wrong or rightwe just want to fightfor our rightswhich ones is out of sightblack or white?wrong or right?question has no delightso let us fight byKritika Note from the AuthorCopyright 2020 (All rights reserved)Copying of the content… Continue reading StrIdeNt tOne- 2

Addition of ‘one’ person

I lost my mind 'then'questioning self aboutmy existence in your life where did things went wrong?how and what drifted us apart? life, was and is, easy, before and after, youuntangled and uncomplicated be it any time frameyou were 'in'your absence is a reliefand learning addition of one wrong personchanges your lifewhich¬†was properly filed your 'deduction'made… Continue reading Addition of ‘one’ person

Mind Said,”

WAKE UP the tears have driedyour face is glowingthe stress free kind darkness hid yourvulnerable statethe pillow readily embraced your tearslike your best friend while listening to your sad talkssleep took over that piercing painand made you strong the night is important, bid farewell to the pastpresent needs your acceptance to changefor the future to… Continue reading Mind Said,”