Calmness Fuel

turned aggressive
as I felt tamed

by the people around
who should not be blamed

it is my call how I perceive
it is my wish if I want to be deceived

experienced enough to understand others intentions
fully grown to ponder and conclude with my own observations

this world is emphatically cruel
calmness, my yoga gift, should be my fuel

overpowering this cruelty
this never tiring calmness should act as the stubborn gravity


Hope you liked it. 🙂

Still learning the art of being calm and at peace. My daily yoga does helps me to relieve the stress but somehow the reaction of the people around turns this calmness to rage. Health is important. Let the world behave in its own ways, you be calm and resilient.



attracted by the outer appearance
not having much experience
intrinsic value didn’t mattered
gentle gestures and words flattered

mesmerized by the voice
thumbs up to the clothing choice
use of elegant colours
leaving the taste of ice cream flavours

behaviour of a child, assumed
passionate playful acts bloomed
body odour highly perfumed
looked well mannered and groomed 

involvement of skin the concerned art
next time use the words APART
penetrating like the dart
‘treasure not the appearance
but the heart’

It is the end of a new START


Image from Pinterest


Hope you liked the thought.

Its been a long time since I have posted any thought. My house is renovating which is why the things are disturbed and my desire to portray my thoughts with good words and metaphors is increasing. I have not stopped reading the blogs I follow.

Look what you made me do

Don’t you see your face looks tired
Wrinkles under the eyes you have hired
Glow was the one you wanted fired?

Day by day your body looks dull
Dilapidating your physical presence to null
Drowning into self created mull

Society itself is under this pressure
Money, race, religion, sex, caste, creed are their target treasures
(The target points)
No human is living a life in pleasure. 


Hope you like the thought.🙂

That Special Midnight

Bedroom door and the silent night
Wish you were here as I stare the moon light
The loneliness I felt at the dinner table
left me terribly missing our fight

Checking the mobile phone for the thousandth time
Hoping your call with the special ringtone will chime
Quickly freshening self I picked the book genre crime

Keeping the mobile phone near
I kept open my eyes and ears
This midnight was specially dear
An year ago we were finally near

Clock ticking, five minutes left to midnight
Calling won’t help as I know you would be in flight
Some romantic songs might make my mood light

Soft music filled the corners of the room
Hearing the doorbell my alertness urged me to pick the broom
Yoga skills would  surely take the person down in zoom

Opening the door I zoomed my broom
He ducked and picked me up
leading us to our bedroom

Those non stop kisses bought my cheeks to turn red
So terribly I missed this usual thread
Then he asked,’ Are we left with some brown bread?’