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Algorithm of

A beautiful girl
born under a fruit laden tree
the mother who bore
crushed by male authority
the male whose pain
was killing him mentally
burdened by the worlds
importance of earning for the family

Slowly the passion for money
flipped to malicious greed
satisfying healthy amber honey
replaced by expensive sugar free
stressed and complicated
nights spent drinking whiskey
his home and personal life
declined and became risky

Algorithm of life created
suffocating the mental walls
outer appearance is affected
soul holds no importance at all
real treasure is not the money
comprehend this at early age
emotions and feelings matter
for every relationship at each stage


*Not a real life incident.

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Taste each type of honey

There is so much to explore
Everyday I hope to not have been broke

The world has unexplored treasures
Body craves to feel those pleasures

The colourful life of gipsies and wanderers
Wish to become one of such travellers

Lustful eyes deliberately surf the internet
Watching earth videos and photographs
which they never forget

Selfishly busy creating a business for money
To taste every water and each type of honey.


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