Natures Reality – Clutched

Surreality of natures realityDiving into the awesome beautyThoughts automatically shiftPhysically too dragged towards this gift Granted by the planet EarthMany parts of it remain unfurledUnknown colours and living creaturesEveryday discover some new features Spending camp nights around creepersCollecting fireflies disturbing sleepersWaking up at the sounds of birdsAnd people think such people are nerds Limitless was this all when untouchedDisturbed by people it is now clutchedThis is why natures… Continue reading Natures Reality – Clutched

World Environment Day’2019

Image credit Pinterest "It is time to act decisively. My message to governments is clear: tax pollution; end fossil fuel subsidies; and stop building new coal plants. We need a green economy not a grey economy." — Secretary-General, António GuterresSecretary-General, António Guterres Please show we care. #worldenvironmentday #motherearth #2019 #theme #airpollution