People are Important

"FOR THE ONES WHO THINK ALONE IS BETTER" No matter how much you want to be alonePeople are importantto teach youto guide youtowards the same path of loneliness Without themyou never learnthe meaning of emotionsThe truthHuman body needsto feel all emotions. Emotions which help usto know the difference betweengood or badto grow closetowards mother nature.… Continue reading People are Important

Comfort-A sedative

nomatter how tornnomatter how disorientedbut comfortis all you needto relaxto let goto submit its loving naturea welcoming gesturejust hugbe at peace within subsidethe unwanted thoughtswhen you submitembrace the comfort available in different formstangible and intangiblematerial and non materialaccept it let your mind relaxand your body be heavylean on the shoulder of comfortact as its submissive… Continue reading Comfort-A sedative

Be Rare

I started to follow the path of Let go and restAnd lets seewhat comes next I don't knowWhat the future holdsBut I know for sureIt is my present Which I can gracefully fold This handkerchief has its twists and turnsHappily accepting this amazing churnCarefully observing the twists Silence is the key throughout this mischief Turns… Continue reading Be Rare