istockphoto.com Unburden Heart is never involved. Its your mind which does the thinking. Heart follows. Follows the mind with sincerity. The truth, the mind always perceives. From the behaviour of the other being. Why? What? Questions with its answers which are known to both. Its the experience which answers the questions meddling inside the head.… Continue reading Unburden

Express Yourself

Words flowout easily but the ears listening them, react accordingly. This happens in relationships. You can easily speak your heart out without thinking about the person listening them. And they move away because you crashed their hearts not knowing that you spoke to them because you wanted to know their thoughts with a warm hug.… Continue reading Express Yourself

Love Never Hurts

Love. Relationships. We read and like situational quotes.The once related to being in or out of love.Knowing that soothes our soul.Gives a motivation to live on. Why are we so much worried about it?Hampering every single cell of our health.Are not we tired of this mess inside this little head?Love hurts. Heart breaks.I am broken.… Continue reading Love Never Hurts