istockphoto.com Unburden Heart is never involved. Its your mind which does the thinking. Heart follows. Follows the mind with sincerity. The truth, the mind always perceives. From the behaviour of the other being. Why? What? Questions with its answers which are known to both. Its the experience which answers the questions meddling inside the head.… Continue reading Unburden

Focus on chocolate bite

I pick my pen to writeJust not about hate love this timeAs I am no judge of his behaviourTo blame him is only hurting self dear Leave his memories behindThey were good timesThis is what I try to acceptFree will is the basic concept I know I was in good handsMight land with better oneBut… Continue reading Focus on chocolate bite

The ‘Lost’ Pen- Now called ‘Found’

The lost penMet a writer with unheard voiceDescribing Natures issuesBeautifully he writes The lost penKnew what rank he wasAnd his life was a total chaosTo it, he was a different class The lost penEnjoyed his writing spacePapers littered everywhereHe seemed not cared The lost penFound the owner of his choiceFeeling the warmth of his fingersIt glides like a gazelle The… Continue reading The ‘Lost’ Pen- Now called ‘Found’