Image: Pinterest I thought, love has an endwhich of course is marriagebut I am in love with a friendwho asks and seeks nothingJust listens to my breathsand heartbeats and kisses to dust away my stressI thought, love has an endand she is getting marriedbut my love for her is the sameI ask and seek for… Continue reading Connection

Perplexed Vexation

damn these cheeks are hotforget not, this is what?do not know what shit to writeso chose face, is it alright?no foundation to concealrough look a tough veilbeauty not much of concernknowledge is an important termdoes body needs a tiring run?reminder for life: it is funchosing present overcoming pastwalk, run or jog but fastlifes moves are… Continue reading Perplexed Vexation

Scribble Giggle

when the baby scribbles and smiles reflecting creativity from his eyes shining bright like a twinkling star the baby moves with innocent laughs gripping crayonswith small handssensible colour choicemaking cute noiseputting all his strengthtearing paper apartkilling with cutenessgrabs every heart attention it seeks feels itself a geek with its innovative hands it crawls to explore… Continue reading Scribble Giggle