The Empty Sea Shore

Silently the cool breezetouched my earsWith voices from the pastI wanted to hear. The empty sea shorewhere our interlaced fingers found hopeOn the same sea shorecan be frequently found walking alone. Smiling remembering thosecomfortable conversations Gliding barefootwith waiting heart palpitations. A sudden urge of tearsfilled these happy eyesClearly can listen to those loving words in… Continue reading The Empty Sea Shore

Lets Find Out

At this stage of lifewhen I am askedmy opinion on 'LOVE'Lets find out None of my relationswas worth to be called 'LOVE'it hurts. I tried 'Care'but was left in despairand then the time repaired I tried 'Trust'was broken to the crustthat turned me into the desert dust. I am trying 'Patience'for which I am afraidto… Continue reading Lets Find Out

Be Rare

I started to follow the path of Let go and restAnd lets seewhat comes next I don't knowWhat the future holdsBut I know for sureIt is my present Which I can gracefully fold This handkerchief has its twists and turnsHappily accepting this amazing churnCarefully observing the twists Silence is the key throughout this mischief Turns… Continue reading Be Rare