Patient-Quote A simple way to penetrate into ones mind is to become a patient listener. Observer you will be if you acquire the skill of listening patiently.Kritika Starter Colourful Platter Simply Veg The three digital paintings on which I worked upon in the start. Note from the AuthorCopyright 2020 (All rights reserved)Copying of the content… Continue reading paTieNt-Quote

Stars Conspire Wish stars could answer all my questionsinstead they only listenpatiently to my nonsenseI have a lot many topicsfor discussionthere is no onewho is this patientso I choose desertiontalking to selfwith detailed explanationas stars won't really answer my questionsbut there presence conspiresto find a better solution @ Kritika Thoughts produce questions which need a healthy… Continue reading Stars Conspire

Now Conscious

Time helped me in clearing your silhouetteformed by the conscious mind in an unconscious statein the past ruining every possibility of falling in lovewith the concept of love, which now I admire consciouslywith full comprehension and satisfaction that in present and future I cannot be fooled by the intoxicating aura of a toxic person but… Continue reading Now Conscious